10 Money Saving Ideas for Small Business Looking for Commercial Realty in Kansas City Part I

Is your small business wanting to move to a bigger or better location, but unable to afford to do so yet?  Here are some creative ideas for how to save money in order to be able to make moves that will lead to a better future for your growing business:

  1. Go paperless.  You can decrease printing and storage costs, as well as improve overall efficiency, by going paperless in your office.  You can save your business both time and money by scanning documents, which allows you to send and share information much more easily.
  2. Lease office equipment.  You can avoid the big upfront costs you would have to pay if you bought office equipment by leasing instead.  Leasing equipment would also save your business money on upgrades, repairs, and equipment maintenance, since often equipment leases cover these expenses.
  3. Use a 0% credit card balance transfer.  You might consider transferring your debt balance from one card to a 0% APR card in order to pay off your debt while saving money on interest charges.
  4. Collect cash in advance.  When you extend credit to customers, think about asking for a percentage of cash up front with all purchases.  Doing this could help your company improve cash flow, downsize risk, and save money on having to collect.
  5. Ask for discounts.  Your suppliers may be able to offer quantity discounts of up to 50% or more depending on your terms.  You might be able to meet these terms and qualify for lower prices.  Talk to your suppliers about these discounts and what you can do to earn them.  Your business might be able to get benefits such as a major discount for paying early or a loan without interest in the form of a vendor credit.

Little tips like these could save your business money and get you one step closer to moving into your ideal office rental space in Overland Park!

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