10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Signing a Lease for an Office Space in Overland Park, KS

10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Signing a Lease for an Office Space in Overland Park, KS

Signing a lease for a new office space can be a big move for a small company., whether you are upgrading to a new, hipper office or needing a downgrade to fit your more modest needs. Before you sign that contract here are ten questions you should ask yourself, as outlined in the article “Top 10 Tips for Planning your Office Space.”

1. Did I try to negotiate?

Negotiation is important to any big decision when dealing with landlords. Contracts should fit your terms and theirs, so don’t be afraid to ask for a break clause in your contract as well as a rent-free period.

2. Is this the location I want?

Location is obviously very important to a business. Not only must it be a good place to do business but also a place that attracts potential clients or an attractive area to work for new employees. Consider places for lunch, banks, places to entertain clients, parking, accessibility; these are all important to look for.

3. Is the office right for what I am doing?

Ask yourself what you will be doing in the office space. Will you be meeting clients or just holding staff meetings? Depending on what you use your office space for you could consider different types of office options.

4. Do I have the financial stability for this lease?

Financial stress can really hurt a new business. So before you go signing a lease for a brand new office remember to look at the price tag and weigh out what that means for your business. There are many alternatives to a traditional office and considering different options could make a huge difference.

5. Do I feel secure in this building?

Security is something everyone needs to consider when looking at new office space. You may want to consider facilities with security for employees or lockers where staff can place their things. Also will the building be safe both day and night? Especially when staff and clients are coming and going.

6. Have I considered all the different types of offices?

What kind of staff do you have? How many people will be coming in and out of your office? If it is just you working in the office it might be wise to consider office communities or some sort of work hub. They promote introductions, meeting new people and networking in ways that other offices do not.

7. Can I knock down walls?

How much freedom over the space will you have when you move into your office? If you want to make renovations could you? In a fast paced and changing market it is important to have an office that represents you as a company.

8. How much space do I need?

Variety in workspace is very important to productivity, creativity and energy.  So when trying to decide on your new office space, make sure that the offices have everything you need from places for meetings to contemplation spaces for personal assignments.

9. How much will the extra stuff cost me?

It is important to remember that when renting a new office that there are many things that come after the initial purchase. Things like internet, phone lines, kitchen dishes and utilities could all come into play after the initial purchase. It’s easy to forget that you might need a coffee maker after moving in all those computers and desk chairs.

10. Have I thought about the future?

One thing that is very important to new business is to think whether the space will be the right fit five to ten years from now. Prepare to commit to your lease; you need to think in both the long-term and the short-term goals of the company.

Make sure to look these questions over before signing the contract for your new office space!

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