10 Things You Must Know Before Signing a Small Office Lease in Kansas City: Part II

Rushing into a lease could mean a huge financial setback for your business in the long run.  Here are a few things to consider before you sign a lease:

3.    Negotiate.  Remember that while landlords and lease brokers will expect negotiations, they would love for you to take the first deal they offer, since they built in room to drop the price.  If you do anything less than negotiate, you will probably end up paying more and excluding from the lease important clauses to protect your business.  When negotiating, be prepared and do not appear too eager.  Leave pride aside in pursuit of the best possible deal.  Start low, go for extra perks such as free rent, and ask for more than you expect.
4.    If this is your first lease negotiation, practice.  Talk to plenty of landlords, ask as many questions as you need to, find out about different incentives—try to get an overall feel for the negotiation process.  Doing so will help you better understand what is on the market and prepare you for the actual negotiations once have an idea of what is available, what your business needs, and what you can ask for in a negotiation.

Preparing for negotiations and honing your negotiation skills can help your business find the best possible office rental situation.

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