10 Things You Must Know Before Signing a Small Office Lease in Kansas City: Part III

Here are a few more tips to keep in mind before signing a lease for an office rental space:

5.    Seek expert advice.  Consult someone throughout the negotiation process like a lawyer, accountant, or lease consultant who can work for the best interests of your business. They can advise you on what to negotiate for, include clauses for your business’s protection, and save you from signing anything that will cause money loss and problems in the long term.  You will most likely have a lot of questions throughout the lease negotiations, and an expert can help answer those questions with the best interests of your business in mind.
6.    Understand the space.  Sometimes the calculations for the square footage of a space are not exactly straightforward, so you will need to know how your landlord is measuring the unit space.  Is the listed size based on the space’s actual square footage?  Or does it include square footage that does not really exist?  Is it perfectly accurate?  You might also start by looking at smaller spaces in a building.  If you start with a smaller space and then ask about bigger ones, the landlord might try to entice you to the bigger space with good incentives.

Approaching a lease negotiation with a little bit of knowledge and a willingness to ask for help could prevent your business from making costly negotiation mistakes.

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