10 Things You Must Know Before Signing a Small Office Lease in Kansas City: Part V

Here are a few final things to keep in mind before you sign an office space lease:

9.    Location.  “Location, location, location” may be an old saying, but it is still a make-or-break factor for many retail businesses.  Choose the best location for your business, factoring in as many variables as you can: who are the surrounding tenants?  Are there any big name ones that would draw customers, and if so, will they stay?  What is the traffic to the space and the demographics of that traffic?  Is there enough parking?  Will you be competing with any nearby businesses?  Consider as many factors as possible and choose a space that will provide the best “return on location.”
10.    Get everything in writing.  As you prepare to sign the lease, make sure that any verbal agreements or promises are documented in writing.  If something is not included in the written agreement, it can most likely be ignored on the basis of clauses in leases that say something to the effect of “this is the entire agreement.”  Making sure everything you negotiated for is in writing could prevent unnecessary issues from arising down the line.

Protect your business from problems and ensure you will be setting up in a place that will foster growth by preparing yourself for the lease negotiation process!

If you have decided it is time for your start-up business to find a small office lease in Kansas City, give us a call at 913-685-4100 to discuss an affordable office space in Kansas City that could be perfect for your business!


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