10 Tips for Moving Your Business to a New Kansas City Office Space: Part II

You’ve found that perfect space and now you’re ready to move…or are you?  Double check to make sure you are not forgetting anything as you pack up your business!  Here are a few helpful tips to help you pull off a smooth move:

3.    If you are planning on hiring a moving company…Call a mover 1-2 months in advance.  You will want to get several price quotes and check for proof of insurance.  Bear in mind that moving companies will move everything—including full refrigerators or garbage cans—so make sure you take care of perishable items and other moving decisions in advance.

4.    Mark Your Boxes.  Especially if you are hiring a moving company, you will want to clearly label your boxes on the tops and sides so that you can find items quickly if you need to get to something before you move or immediately after.  It will be harder to find items if you only mark the tops of the boxes, so do not forget about the sides.  If you have a lot of boxes (hundreds), you might consider creating a numbering system to avoid losing items.  Number boxes along with a short description of what is inside them.  If you number the boxes and the moving company loses any, you will have an easier time making a claim.

Keep checking back for even more posts with business moving tips!

If your business is looking to relocate to a new commercial space for lease in Overland Park, give a commercial real estate broker in Overland Park a call to find out about all of our available spaces!


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