10 Tips for Moving Your Business to a New Kansas City Office Space: Part IV

Before you start to pack up and move your business to a new office space, be sure you plan out every aspect of your move, from how you are going to label your boxes to whether your office items are adequately insured.  Here are some more tips for making sure you don’t miss anything:

7.    Packing Electronics.  Printers are sensitive pieces of technology just like computers and also do not belong in boxes.  You will need to remove cartridges, tape down any scanner lids or covers, and look for specific instructions for moving your copiers, printers, and FAX machines.  Damage to these devices from improper moving could void your warranty.

8.    Make sure you are insured.  If you rent a truck for moving, make sure you get insurance coverage.  Many private insurance policies might cover damage to a rental car, but it is rare that they will cover damage to a rental truck, which is considered “equipment.”  If you are hiring a moving company, ask them about your insurance options for protecting your items, and ask to see the company’s proof of insurance and worker’s comp insurance.  If they do not carry insurance, you could potentially be held partially liable for moving-related worker injuries.

Thinking about all of these details before starting the moving process could save you some stress, time, and possibly even money in the long run.

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