10 Tips for Tenants Seeking Office Rental Space in Kansas City

Finding an office rental space requires consideration of many factors: finances, location, property rules, and so much more. Here are ten suggestions from the article “Office Space Leasing Tips” to help you consider a property from several different angles:

  1. How close are amenities and services you might need, such as lunch places or dry cleaners?
  2. Check out the building’s directory to find out what kinds of tenants you will be sharing a building with. Know the quirks of these businesses, such as the fact that telemarketers are often in and out for 24 hours a day, and tenants who practice medicine might take up a lot of parking at certain times a day.
  3. Be aware of the parking options in the space. Do you have to pay for spots in a parking structure? Will your customers/clients have to pay for parking? Calculate what the cost of parking would add to your rental rate.
  4. Make sure your lease is thorough and that you understand all of it. Do not go for a short lease in the hopes of making it more readable, which may lead to confusion if certain issues arise.  Instead make sure that you cover every potential problem and understand clearly the expectations and repercussions.
  5. Know the rules for the property and any zoning laws so that you can make sure they do not conflict with the way you operate your business.
  6. Insurance is a tricky but essential part of moving into a new space, as you are most at risk for theft in a new or unfamiliar setting. Make sure that you are fully covered by the time you move in.
  7. Signage is in important thing to factor into the cost of a space, because it can be expensive. Be sure that you also understand what the rules are for signage in a space.
  8. Make sure you visit the property at night to check on safety issues and lighting. Take others with you to get second opinions.
  9. Check to see if your location is easy to find by asking someone to find the property who does not already know where it is. This will simulate what a customer or client might experience when trying to seek you out.
  10. Look into sub-leasing opportunities from current tenants in the building. Landlords typically want to lease their vacant spaces first, but you might get a good deal by investigating all of your options in the building.

Start the process early to leave yourself plenty of time to consider all of these issues!

If your business is interested in Kansas City office space for rent, give Kathy Woodward at DDI Commercial a call at 913-685-4100 to set up a tour of one of our available spaces!


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