10 Ways to Develop You Small Business Image in Your Overland Park Office Space

Developing your brand and image as a business can be a crucial step to making sure your start-up business continues to take off. Brand image can be approached from a variety of angles, from customer service, to advertising, to going back to the core values of your business. Consider these tips, suggested in the article Ten Tips to Help You Build and Grow a Stand-Out Small Business Brand when approaching the task of making your brand more appealing:

#1 Be Unique

Think about what makes your business different. How do you stand out from other similar businesses in your industry? Be sure to market what it is that sets your business apart.

#2 Understand Your Brand

This extends beyond your logo or products. Your brand is the overall experience f your customers, and includes your customer interactions, social media, marketing, visual elements of your business, and how you do what you do. All of these elements should work together to present a positive image of your business.

#3 Get the Right Logo and Name

This is important for getting customers to consistently recognize your business, so make sure a name and logo reflects what your business does and is appealing to your customer base. They should also convey the personality of your business and what you stand for—it is a lot to wrap into a name and logo, but it is worth the careful consideration to find something that will really appeal to your customers.

#4 Let Your Customers See Your Face

Don’t leave your small business to run itself. Keep your employees motivated and your business structured by staying actively engaged. There is a balance to be maintained – your business should be able to be productive without you there at all times, but businesses tend to be more successful when employees can thrive off of your energy and customers can associate a face with a service.

#5 Develop a Voice

One way to distinguish yourself as a unique brand is to develop a consistant and recognizable “voice” – the tone of your interactions with customers in person, via social media, or on the phone. To decide what your voice is, think about brands that you like and would like to learn from – what do they do that makes doing business with them enjoyable?

#6 Be Your Own Biggest Fan

Success is not always about being the best salesman; sometimes a better form of sales is being the most excited about your own business. Be an advocate for your brand by showing your passion for your business and spreading that enthusiasm. Make sure customers and employees understand the story behind your business, what makes your mission and products special, and what you have been able to do for people.

#7 Build a Community

You want to be the kind of brand that customers trust and respect, and building a community can be an alternate kind of advertising that fosters this type of business reputation. Many companies spend a lot of time and energy developing a community both online and off through resources like Twitter, Facebook, or blogs, as well as participation in local activities such as fundraisers, charities, or planning and hosting their own events. It is important both to develop a following on social media and to also be a recognizable presence out in the community.

#8 Decide What Your Value Is

Your value might be some sort of emotional benefit to your customers that sets you apart from your competition. What is your unique angle on your industry? What is it that you do well that differentiates you? Think about how you value things like product quality, innovation, customer service, or some combination of values.

#9 Develop a Reputation for Reliability

Most importantly, live up to what you say you will deliver. Failing to do this can be a surefire way for a small business to flouder, since they are particularly dependant on referrals. Ensure that you have happy customers—who will be loyal customers—by making sure that you can keep all promises that you make.

Cultivating a brand image for your business with a positive reputation takes time and a multi-faceted approach. It is important to not only have values and a vision for what your business can be and do, but to embody those values yourself as a business owner and be consistent in carrying out that vision.

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