15 Days of Yoga in Your Kansas City Office Space

Want to add a little stretching to your work day?  Here are few days’ worth of yoga moves that will only take you two minutes each (there are videos on Yoga Journal’s website the website if you need to see how to perform each move):

  1. Dynamic Arm Raises.  Simply raise your arms above your head, coordinating your breaths with the motion.
  2. Tadasana (Mountain Pose).  Stand with shoulders back and palms open at sides to work on better posture.
  3. Standing Crescent.  Stand and extend one hand above head, then lean to the side and reach the hand over the head.
  4. Eagle Arms. Raise arms from sides with palms up, and then give yourself a hug.  Bring hands in front of face with forearms still crossed and push back on the thumb of the hand closer to your body (a video might be worth watching for this one).
  5. Neck & Shoulder Release.  Bring hand behind back and interlace fingers, straightening arms.  Then raise hands as high as you can to open the shoulders and soften neck tension.
  6. Standing Chair Twist. Bend the knee and put one foot on your chair (make sure the back of your chair is on the side of the leg on the chair).  Reach the opposite arm across the body and put the palm on the back of the chair to give your back a nice twist and stretch.
  7. Standing Thigh Stretch.  Put your hand on your desk to support yourself.  Bend your knee, kicking your foot up behind you, and hold the foot to stretch your quadriceps.

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