3 Commute Considerations for Finding a New Office Space in Kansas

3 Commute Considerations for Finding a New Office Space in Kansas

If you are looking for a new office, on aspect to consider is how the location will affect the commute for you and your employees. Here are a few things to think about, as suggested in the article “Choosing the Right Office Space”:

#1 Length of the Commute

If you are relocating to a place that is difficult to reach, a long and stressful journey to and from work everyday could take a toll on your employees, causing their mood to plummet before they even get into work. Think about what the fastest routes are to your new office or if public transportation is an option.

#2 Traffic

Another thing to consider is traffic in the area. Even if the commute is a short distance, heavy traffic during rush hour could also affect the length of time it takes your employees to commute to and from work, so be sure to give the route a test drive yourself.

#3 Major Construction

If you know that a major road or a stretch of public transportation is due for a long term closure, this is something to also factor in, as these kinds of upgrades can sometimes take years. Check with local transportation services so you know what to expect.

Considering location and commute is important for attracting and retaining the staff that you want in your office.

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