3 Indicators That Your Business Needs to Move Out of the Home and Into an Office Rental Space in Kansas City

3 Indicators That Your Business Needs to Move Out of the Home and Into an Office Rental Space in Kansas City

Moving from the home office to a real office space is a big but positive transition for small business. Consider these three indicators that your small business might be ready to relocate, as outlined in the article “When is it time to move out of the home office?

#1 You can no longer tell work from home.

Has your office clutter started to take over your entire house? It might be time to move on, even if it is just finding a storage facility or outsourcing your mail. But these could also be indicators that your business is growing and needs more space. You might also find that at the same time your work is literally invading your home life, it might also be invading the mentality of being home. If the lines are becoming blurred between work time and home time, it might do you and your family some good to find a new physical space for your work. On the flip-side, home might be affecting work in the form of distractions. You might find yourself more productive in an office space. The initial expense of the space might be a worthwhile investment for your increase in productivity.

#2 You need to have serious client meetings.

While some businesses thrive in a casual home environment, such as daycares, tutoring or even home spas, it can seem unprofessional for other types of businesses to meet with clients in a home, especially if your home is located far from the business center of the city.

#3 You can’t do it all by yourself any more.

It might be possible to hire a few staff members at home, but things can become crowded quickly when a home becomes an office space and not just a family based business. Consider whether you’re ready to share your kitchen and bathrooms, or what will happen if your kids need to stay home from school. The need to hire staff can be a good sign for a business, so if you expect this growth to continue and doyou think you can budget for a space, it might be a good time to move.

There our variety of office space options available to small business owners, so take your time and look for one that makes the most financial and business sense for you.

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