3 Office Rental Space in Kansas City Design Trends

Both lifestyle and business trends are starting to shape the way commercial property is designed and operates. These changes in commercial real estate mean that prospective tenants have even more options than before. Here are a few trends to look out for as suggested in the article “6 trends in commercial property”:

  1. The pop-up shop. Because consumers have started to do so much shopping online, both retailers and landlords have had to reevaluate their business plans. A new phenomenon called short-burst retail has developed to compensate for these losses. Businesses set up shop just for a month or so before moving, giving consumers a sense of urgency – they feel that they need to shop there before the store disappears.
  2. Open office hubs. In this age of entrepreneurship, micro businesses are springing up all over the country. These businesses are often run by young, creative individuals who thrive in more social office environments. By utilizing an open office hub setup, new business owners or freelance professionals can have access to the amenities of an office space with the culture of a coffee shop. Many spaces are also designed for older professionals on the verge of retirement who do not want to have to travel far to an office. Additionally, some landlords have avoided leasing hubs spaces to single tenants and instead offer individual memberships to the hub, which vary in price based on how often the professional wants to use the space.
  3. Workspaces for travelers. As business becomes more international, both traveling business people and international students looking to also work have started to seek office spaces that afford both the amenities of an apartment and all the equipment and facilities of an office space. These spaces are more than just apartments designed for long stays, as some business travelers are used to. The key to these new spaces is that they can serve as both a living space and an office space for travelers.

If your business is looking to rent a more unconventional office space, consider researching these three trends. You might find that a more communal environment or something conducive to travel or temporary retail could be perfect for your business.

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