3 Practical Strategies for Getting Employee Feedback at Your Office Space in Kansas City

Employee feedback can be an important part of improving your business, but sometimes it can be hard to obtain.  Be open to your employees’ thoughts, let them know they are being heard, and seek out not only the positives, but also the things you do not really want to hear.  Here are three practical ways to seek feedback from employees, as suggested in the article, “5 Steps To Getting Better Employee Feedback, Even If You Hate It“:

  1. Ask Often.  The opportunity to give feedback should not feel like a one-time deal or a privilege to your employees.  Show them that you value their opinions and you are there to serve the team as a leader by soliciting feedback frequently and consistently.
  2. Eat together.  People love free meals, so having events like a BBQ, an ice cream social, or any catered parties is a good way to talk informally with your employees.  Take the opportunity to mingle with them and listen to what they have to say both about work issues and about other things that are important to them.
  3. Check back in.  When you say you are going to make a change, check in with your employees to see if they feel like things are actually improving.  Allow them to help measure whether ideas are actually being carried out.

Be consistent and genuine in gathering feedback from employees, and you will earn their respect and hopefully improve your business in the process.

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