3 Steps to Cleaning Out Clutter in Your Office Suites for Rent in Kansas City

Clutter in an office space can be a major block to productivity.  Here are a few tips for keeping things clutter free, as suggested in the article “How to be clutter free in a wireless workplace”:

Step 1: Think about your needs.

Every office has different priorities and concerns, so it is important to think about what your office needs before making any changes.  Do you have multiple rooms in your office or one work area that contains technology?  Are you usually on the go?  Think about how you work before deciding what will actually be on your desk.

Step 2: Address your desk.

Do you need a telephone if you usually use your smart phone?  Would a wireless keyboard and mouse free up some space?  Little things like this can make a big difference in decreasing the clutter caused by wires.  If you have a lot of files sitting out, consider putting them in a cabinet under your desk or scanning them and saving them on an external hard drive.

Step 3: Update.

Sometimes it is important to take a look at your technology and see what can be updated.  Consider wireless backup drives, wireless headphones, and a wireless printer to reduce cords.  You can also make sure your Wi-Fi is boosted with a router to make sure it is functioning at peak performance.

Reduce the clutter of cords in your office by taking some time to purge and upgrade if necessary!

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