3 Things to Use to Your Advantage in Negotiations for an Office Space Lease in Overland Park

Even if you have never negotiated a lease before, you can still go into the process prepared to fight for the best deal possible. Here are three things that you can make work to your advantage in negotiations with a landlord, as suggested in the article “Office Space Leasing Tips”:

#1 Research

Enter negotiations armed with plenty of information about the real estate market. Most building owners you will be approaching deal with real estate on an everyday basis, so be prepared for them to know more than you. Close this gap by doing plenty of research, or hiring a commercial real estate broker or attorney to help.

#2 Time

Start looking for space as early as possible. Keeping an eye on landlords’ vacancies can give you a lot of information about how desperately they need to lease a space. You also want to pursue multiple properties, rather than getting wrapped up in one, just in case that deal falls through.

#3 Financial Status

If you are coming from a strong financial position, you have some power in negotiations, as landlords are looking for tenants who have good credit. Have plenty of documentation of your good financial standing prepared in advance to show to the landlord in order to make a strong impression.

Be aware of the leverage you have in negotiations and do not be afraid to use it!

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