3 Tips for Creating a Welcoming Kansas City Office Space

It is important to create a welcoming work environment both for your own employees and your clients.  Here are three tips, or three “Fs” of office decorating to remember when trying to create an inviting space:

1.    Furniture.  As odd as it might sound, strategic furniture placement when decorating a room can be traced back to the famous Chinese art of Fung Shui.  The goal is to create a sense of “chi,” or energy flow, that contributes to a peaceful feeling in the room.  Color schemes also can improve chi in a space.
2.    Frames.  Visual pieces on the walls both leave an impression on a client and have to be seen by employees daily.  The key is to not overdo frames, because that can create a sense of chaos, but a total lack of wall décor can make an office space seem bare and cold.  It is important to achieve a balance between these by finding a suitable amount of decorations that work with a consistent color scheme.
3.    Filing.  It may seem like a daunting project, but do not be afraid to leave behind the old filing cabinets and start using computers.  Though this transfer might seem difficult at first, it is actually a time, stress, and money saver in the long run.  Losing the paper will both free up space and increase your organization and accuracy.  Be sure to back up your files on disks or memory sticks—a small shelf of these backups is a much more efficient use of space than a forest of filing cabinets.

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