3 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Kansas City Office Space

Start fresh in your office this spring by taking some time to clear out clutter and get yourself organized.  Here are a few tips, based on the article, Spring Cleaning: 5 Tips for Organizing Your Office:

  1. Put Away or Throw Away What You Don’t Need.  You might have stacks and stacks of papers floating around that you no longer use.  Throw away (or recycle!) what papers you can, or set up a filing system that allows you to store things you do not use regularly.  The same goes for office supplies—you need easy access to things like pens and your laptop, but envelopes and tape could probably be given a home in a desk drawer.
  2. Get Electronically Organized.  When you can no longer see that vacation picture of your family on your desktop through the mess of icons, it is time to start virtually de-cluttering.  Delete what you do not need, and organize everything else into folders.  Consider using online file storage such as Dropbox or GoogleDrive to free up computer space.
  3. Find Some Time.  It is important to not only find time to clean, but also to take the time each day to stick with the organization systems you have established.  A few seconds at the end of each day could save you from another big cleaning project down the line.

Make your office space a little more enjoyable this spring by taking the time to do a organizing.

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