3 Tips for Using Less Electricity in Your Kansas City Office Space

A simple awareness of your office’s lighting needs can help save you money on electricity bills and be a little more environmentally friendly. Here are three ways to make sure you are not using more electric light than you need, as suggested in the article “10 Ideas for Saving Money & Energy in the Office”:

  1. Flip the switch. If a room is empty, turn the light off. It is a very simple concept, but how often are break rooms or conference rooms empty but still lit up? Turn off lights whenever you see that they are unnecessary, and spread the word around the office to do the same.
  2. Try CFL light bulbs. Switch out your traditional incandescent light bulbs with Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs for more energy efficient lighting. CFLs can last up to 10 times as long as traditional bulbs and save up to 75% on energy costs.
  3. Soak up the natural light. If you have a window in your office, take advantage of this light source and move your desk near it. Or if not see if you can make any adjustments to take advantage of indirect light in your workspace, even if it is only during certain times of day. Not only does this save energy, but natural light is also good for your mood!

Lighting an office space can require a lot of energy (and money) consumption, so be strategic in minimizing those costs!

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