3 Ways to Create a Creative Kansas City Office Space

Companies like Google are setting a trend with creative work environments.  Do yourself and your employees a favor by considering ways you can make your space more conducive to creativity, and ultimately productivity:

  1. Make Some Green Space.  Studies have shown that natural lighting and plants can boost the mood in a space, which in turn boosts creativity.  Add plants and any other natural materials, as well as natural light when you can, and enjoy the relaxing effects.
  2. Create Background Noise.  It is similar idea to being in a coffee shop or restaurant.  Many people like a constant buzz and sense of energy, because it gives them the freedom and privacy to carry on their own interactions.
  3. Think in Zones.  Again, it is a similar concept to a restaurant, or even to a city.  Create areas where people can talk, such as a kitchen area, or have privacy, like a corner with a few comfy couches.  Creating these areas will allow people to choose where they need to get certain types of work done, and will make for better collaboration opportunities.

Even if you are not ready to start replacing your staircases with slides, you can still design your office following simple principles for fostering a creative environment.  Encouraging creativity and collaboration, as well as making your employees more comfortable, could ultimately boost the overall mood and productivity in your office.

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