4 Ideas for Improving Wellness in Your Kansas City Office Space

In recent years, businesses have been taking steps to become more sustainable in their office spaces by recycling, improving energy efficiency, and instituting other environmentally friendly practices. However, sustainability has recently taken on another dimension–one that focuses on the whole being of the employees. Studies suggests that happier employees tend to be more productive, so some businesses are starting to seriously consider the health and well-being of their workers. Here are a few examples of what businesses have done to cater to their employees wellness, as suggested in the article “Designing a Better Office Space”:

1. Kitchens – many offices have started stocking pantries with healthy snacks for their employees, as well as creating events that take place in the office kitchen, allowing people to interact while making and eating meals.

2. Furniture – recent research suggesting the negative health effects of sitting for long periods of time have led many offices to redesign their furniture to allow employees to stand and stretch as they work. Some examples of these types of furniture include standing desks, or even treadmill desks for added exercise.

3. Outdoor Areas – some businesses are opting for offices situated near walking trails, giving employees the opportunity to get outside and walk and enjoy fresh air during the day, also opening up the option of using the trail as an informal meeting place to walk and talk with teams or other employees. Other offices are simply adding small outdoor areas to their office space where employees can step outside and relax for a moment.

4. Hybrid Offices – following the trend of creating relaxed, collaborative spaces, a few businesses are even creating hybrid office spaces that are connected to a coffee shop or some other area where employees can conduct their business or meet with clients in a space in a more creative and relaxing atmosphere.

If you are thinking about updating your office space or moving to a new one altogether, consider factoring in some of these wellness ideas to your design plan. Employees might welcome a more comfortable atmosphere and your concern for their health, and perhaps reward your business with their diligence and loyalty.

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