4 Mistakes to Avoid When Acquiring a Kansas City Office Space for Lease: Part I

While finding an office space can be a great move for businesses both big and small, there are a lot of mistakes that companies make on the types of leases the acquire that can hurt their company down the line.  Here are 4 major mistakes to be aware of and avoid when finding an office rental space:

1.    Leasing a space that is too big or small.  Over or underestimating the amount of office space your business will need for all projects, departments, and employees is one of the biggest mistakes businesses make.  It can be tricky to estimate, because a space always seems a bit bigger when empty, but taking the time to figure square footage needs specifically for your business is important.
2.    Acquiring a space that is not within their financial means.  The expense of renting an office space is difficult on any business’s budget, but choosing a space that is even more expensive than what you budgeted for can really strain the entire business’s finances.  Carefully review your budget before you even begin looking for an office rental space so you have a clear number in mind of what your business can realistically pay for a space.  And then do not go over that number.

Some of these mistakes may seem obvious, yet business still fall into them often.  All of these are easily avoidable with a little planning and research!

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