4 Mistakes to Avoid When Acquiring a Kansas City Office Space for Lease: Part II

Leasing an office space for the first time can be daunting—there are a lot of pitfalls that businesses can easily fall into.  Fortunately, these mistakes are easy to avoid if your business is aware of them.  Here are a few more common ones to watch out for:

3.    Choosing an office space in an inconvenient location.  Sometimes businesses pick spaces that are tucked away from foot traffic or the road, spaces that people forget about until they are right at the doorstep.  These kinds of inconvenient locations can impact a business’s success over time.  Consider the accessibility of your space in relation to your customers, whether they come as a part of foot traffic or purposefully to your space, because a hard to find space is of no benefit to you or your customers.

4.    Leasing a space that does not have the right amenities or enough parking.  Your business only functions as well as your employees, so it is important to ensure that there is enough parking capacity for all of your employees as well as the right amenities.  Making sure that your space has enough amenities to keep your employees happy means that they will be more likely to be productive, which helps the overall success and revenue of your business.

Stepping back from the stress and details of a lease to consider obvious factors like customer traffic and the happiness of your employees can help you avoid mistakes like these.

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