4 Questions to Ask About Energy Needs for Your New Office Space in Kansas

Moving is a great time to look into your energy consumption and needs and make any necessary adjustments. It is important to start this process before you actually move, so that you can have everything set up as needed by the time you relocate. Here are a few questions to consider about your energy usage before a move, as suggested in the article “Moving: Time to Review Your Energy Needs”:

What are our energy needs?

Take some time to take stock of your energy situation and rethink what you need. Your energy requirements might be different at your new location, and you might even need to adjust the equipment you use in your office, so consider what your new energy necessities will be.

Who needs what?

Start with mapping out where everyone in your new office will be working and what equipment they will require. Will there be enough phone lines and outlets to accommodate your layout? Do you need to adjust your layout plan or add any power points to the office? If things turn out to be simply a matter of installing a few more phone lines or power points, try to set this up in advance of the move so that everything is ready by the time you get there. Put these things in sensible locations, because changing them after a move can be inconvenient and expensive.

What can be upgraded?

This can be a great opportunity to reevaluate what kind of technology you need and purge anything that is outdated. Perhaps this is a good time for your office to shift towards wireless technology, utilizing laptops instead of bulky desktops. If you can afford it, consider getting new and better printers rather than lugging old ones to a new space. These upgrades will not only make your move easier and possibly save you some money, but they might also have a positive impact on your productivity going forward.

What are our energy costs?

Even if an upgrade in equipment is not in the budget for you, now might be a good time to check your costs and see if you can get a better deal with other utilities providers. Go online to compare costs of different providers and see if you can save yourself some money by switching over to a new service when you move.

Take this opportunity to really evaluate your energy costs and needs going forward to make sure you will be as efficient and cost savvy as possible in your new space!

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