4 Reasons to Quit Sitting in Your Office Space in Kansas

The health community has been abuzz with the news that sitting poses one of the biggest threats to a person’s health over their lifetime. Sitting not only causes short term problems, such as back soreness, but can also take years off of a person’s life and counteract productivity – and small business owners who are already experiencing the stress of working round the clock to get things off the ground cannot afford threats to health and productivity. Here are a few reasons to start doing a little more standing in your office, as suggested in the article “5 Reasons to Get Off Your Butt at Work”:

#1 Reduce Risk of Disease

You might be thinking to yourself that you hit the gym on a regular basis, so this health concern is unnecessary for you – but that is incorrect. Studies have shown that even people who exercise regularly cannot fight off the damage done by prolonged sitting. Some of the diseases connected to extended sitting over a lifetime include obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, with a correlation between people who experience chronic illnesses and report long periods of sitting during their days.

#2 Back Pain

One of the most immediate and apparent side effects of sitting is back pain, since sitting puts a strain on the natural alignment of the back. There are some tools to aid with this problem, such as quality chairs or special pillows, but even with these it is difficult to maintain good posture.

#3 Increase Productivity

It is a well known fact that brief work breaks can improve a person’s overall productivity by allowing their focus and concentration to reset. Taking occasional breaks – particularly standing ones, can help relieve both the strain of working hard and the toll on your body.

#4 Boost Your Mood

Any kind of exercise is a natural mood enhancer, so combining breaks with a little exercise – a brief walk around the office or even outside during lunch – can really help improve the quality of your workday and your health.

Consider implementing a few changes throughout your workday to ease the physical and mental stress of sitting at a desk for too long. Challenge yourself to work at a high table while standing, or at least give yourself a break to stretch and walk around every hour!

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