4 Resources for Finding an Office Space in Overland Park, KS

If you are just starting your search for an office space, there are several different resources you can utilize to find spaces in the area where you are looking. The rise of internet listings in particular has made this process a lot easier, allowing businesses to look at several different options before making a decision on a space. Here are a few suggestions, as outlined in the article “How to Search for Office Space”:

#1 Online Listings

One good place to start is websites like Craigslist, LoopNet, or Cityfeet, which are inexpensive services that allow leasing agents to list available spaces. Check as many sites as you can find to compare spaces.

#2 Social Networking Sites

Use Facebook or LinkedIn to ask for recommendations from professional colleagues or friends, or even simply post a request for suggestions on one of these sites. This could save you a lot of time if you get a good recommendation, and it is always nice to have the assurance of a referral.

#3 Property Managers or Owners

If you already have your eye on a specific property, go directly to the firm that owns or manages it to get the most accurate information about what is included in the space or how it can be customized for your business. A larger firm might also be able to direct you to similar spaces in their property to the one you are interested in.

#4 Brokers

If you are looking in a particular geographic area, utilizing a broker might be the best way to look at multiple spaces in that location and compare them. Brokers get a commission from the landlord for bringing a tenant to a space, so make sure you are aware of any fees that might be included in your lease or demanded upfront.

Take the time to use your resources to find as many options as you can so that you have lots of room to compare! The internet and referrals are always good places to start, with added advice from professionals if you need to meet more specific needs.

If your business is interested in finding a commercial space for lease in Overland Park, give a commercial real estate broker in Overland Park a call at 913-685-4100. We can set you up with a tour of one of our spaces and talk to you about what size and layout would work best for your business’s needs!


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