4 Steps to Promoting Health and Wellness in Your Overland Park Office Space

With summer approaching, now might be a good time to get the whole office involved in an effort to be healthier.  Here are some steps you can take to promote health and wellness in your office, as suggested in the article, “Steps to Adding a Wellnesss Program“:

1.      Gather input from the office.  Try to assess what kind of health program would interest your employees.  Survey the office with questions on topics such as smoking, exercise, and hereditary health issues.  Find out what their personal health goals are so you can tailor your program to serve their needs.

2.      Consider your budget.  Once you have assessed what your employees’ needs and wants are, the next step is to see what you can reasonably afford to do.  What kind of budget do you have available for this undertaking?  Can you afford to put some workout equipment in the office for employees to use during a break?

3.      Develop a program.  Once you know what your employees want and what you can contribute, come up with a plan that includes clear objectives and activities.  Here are some suggestions for things to include:

  • Company golf outings
  • Discounts to a local gym
  • Healthy eating education and healthy recipe exchanges
  • Lunchtime Walking Club
  • A Fitness Challenge that tracks progress and offers incentives for employees who reach goals.

4.      Get started!  Put your program into action!  Keep track of successes and failures, solicit feedback from employees, and be flexible.  Your program might not be perfect the first time around, but if you are open to suggestions and changes, your employees will probably appreciate your efforts and show more interest in getting involved.

Send out some surveys and get your office on the road to health soon!

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