4 Things to Consider When Hiring Recent Grads at Your Office Space in Kansas

This time of year, plenty of recent college graduates will be on the hunt for jobs. Here are a few things for your small business to consider as you look for potential employees in this group, as suggested in the article “Handling Job-Hungry College Students: 3 Key Factors to Know When Hiring”:

#1 Be Careful of the GPA

Of course big gaps in GPAs can be indicators of candidates’ levels of qualification, but it is important not to over-rely on this measurement. Consider other areas in which the student might have excelled or other qualities that make them fit for this position.

#2 The Importance of the Interview

If possible, try to conduct multiple rounds of interviews with recent graduates. Consider starting with a group, then inviting back a few of these individuals for another round, with each interview becoming increasingly focused on the specifics of the job until you narrow it down to a few great candidates.

#3 Find Your Own References

Know that references from candidates are probably going to be biased, so do a little research and see if you can find some other people that could provide a more unbiased opinion, for example a college professor whose class they attended.

#4 Look for Passion

Remember that though resumes are important, so is the enthusiasm the candidate shows for the position. Be open to individuals who are really passionate about the work you’re doing and how they can contribute.

Try to do the little extra work and research when looking at recent college grads, and hopefully you will be able to discover loyal new employees who will make good contributions to your business.

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