4 Tips For Creating an Organized and Inspired Office Space in Kansas City

The new year is a great time to reorganize your office. Here are a few tips for keeping your workspace tidy and more pleasant to be in, as suggested in the article “New Year Resolutions – Organized Office & Studio Space”:

  1. Stay on top of the clutter. Don’t wait until you know you’re going to have a visitor to clean your workspace. Try to set aside some time every Friday to clear out old papers, organize your supplies, and put things in their designated places.
  2. Organize electrical cords. There are so many systems and gadgets to keep electrical cords organized and off your desktop. For example, you can feed your cords through a hole in your desktop, plug them into a power strip, label each cord, and keep them all and a basket attached to the underside of your desk.
  3. Find effective and interesting storage options. Storage areas or containers can also fit into your decor. There are so many DIY options for sprucing up old cabinets, shelves, or containers!
  4. Treat yourself to interesting supplies. Perhaps a really nice pen or some personalized stationery really brightens your day. Giving yourself a few of these items might cheer up the ordinary work routine and give you more incentive to keep your supplies organized.

Organizing and personalizing your workspace can have a positive effect on your mood at work! Check sites like Pinterest for lots of easy, affordable, and interesting ideas for your office.

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