4 Tips for Growing Businesses in Kansas City Office Space: Part I

While home offices have many advantages for start-up businesses, making your small business home-based also has limitations.  You might find that working from home simply isn’t ideal for you, that you want a more professional space, or that your business is growing and you need to hires some employees.  If that is the case, transitioning to a professional office space might be a smart move for your business.  Here are a few suggestions for how to make the move smooth and cost-efficient as possible:

  1. Consider your needs and your budget.  Make sure you understand your budget on a per-square-foot basis.  Consider how many offices, workstations, or cubicles you will need, both now and down the line.  If you think your business will be growing in the near future, avoid the need for multiple moves by finding a location that has more space that you can add on if you need it.  Don’t forget to factor in estimates for furniture, IT, needs and utilities.  Think about how you can get creative to reduce these costs—for instance, renting office furniture or introducing a “hot-desking” policy.
  2. Consider serviced office spaces.  These kinds of spaces are fully managed and equipped by a facility management firm, and are usually found in business districts.  These kinds of spaces typically offer more flexible rental agreements and often offer the option to scale up if need be.

Did you know that our business space for rent in Kansas City offers on-site property management?  Give a commercial real estate broker in Kansas City a call at 913-685-4100 to find out how we can make your transition to a professional office space as smooth as possible!


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