4 Tips for Small Business Moving Out of the Home and into an Office Space in Kansas City

While running a business from home is a low-cost and low-risk way to start a business, often there comes a time when business owners feel the need to move into an office space—whether because their enterprise is growing or because they are going a little stir crazy at home.  Here are a few tips for making the transition to an office space smooth and cost efficient:

#1 Consider Your Needs and Budget

When looking into commercial property, have an understanding of your budget on a per-square-foot basis.  Consider how many offices or cubicles you will need at this point and in the future.  If you are anticipating growth, look for properties with extra space you can expand into.

Also factor furniture, utilities, and IT expenses into your budget.  Be sure to spend wisely; you might avoid excessive expenses by renting furniture and equipment or buying government surplus equipment.  Another option is shared office space or a hot-desking environment in which employees share desks by working at the desk at different times throughout the day while the other person does other tasks.

#2 Look Into Serviced Suites or Offices

Spaces like these are usually located in busy business districts and are already fully equipped and are managed by a firm.  They often have more flexible rental agreements and have easy options to upgrade spaces.

Though moving from the home to a professional space might seem like an overwhelming process, there are options and preparation work that can be done to make the jump less daunting!

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