4 Types of Signage for a Kansas City Office Space

Signage is an important question to consider when looking at an office space for lease. Here are a few possible kinds of signage or identity options a landlord might offer to tenants in a multi-tenant property, as suggested in the article “Got Signage?”:

  • Building Signage – tenants can often get signage somewhere on the side of the building. This can allow multiple tenants of the building to all have signage with anchor tenants higher up on the building and others on other parts of the property, such as the parking garage.
  • Exclusive Building Signage – this means that a tenant has exclusive rights to put their sign anywhere on the building, typically at the top. Usually this right goes to an anchor tenant or one that leases the most space, possibly multiple floors.
  • Monument Signage – many office buildings have monument signs with room for multiple tenants listed on them. The monuments could hold just two or three signs, or as much as ten.
  • Exclusive Monument Signage – in some cases a high paying or anchor tenant might negotiate to have their own monument sign in front of the building featuring only their company.

Be sure to talk to your landlord about your signage options before signing a lease!

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