5 Cost Efficient Ways to Improve Your Overland Park Office Space Decor

While decor is not necessarily a high priority item in a small business’s budget, it is possible to create an inviting space without spending too much money or violating any lease terms. Here are a few key things to focus on when sprucing up your space, as outlined in the article “6 Tips for Decorating the Perfect Office Space”:

#1 Reception Area

Some spaces might not have a reception area built in, so you will need to add one yourself. Instead of going with plain plasterboard walls, try to do something interesting that will make a good first impression on clients or customers, like setting up a rail or hanging a curtain to delineate a reception space. It can look good and add character to an office without costing too much to create or remove at the end of your lease.

#2 The Floor

If you can choose what to do with your carpeting options, look for a carpet tile. It is easy and cheap to replace just one stained carpet tile, versus having to replace the carpet in the entire office.

#3 The Walls 

There are ways to create a bright, colorful space without actually painting the walls—If you leave the walls white, you will not have to repaint them at the end of the lease. Instead, create pops of color through furniture items, colored dividers, workstations, or hanging framed artwork prints around the office (be sure to use removable hooks).

#4 Break Area

If you’re looking to both break up the office space and boost employee morale, consider creating a little break area where people can go to be away from their computers. Some offices put in pool tables, foosball tables, or TVs, but even  simple couch or a table and chairs can be a nice area for staff to get away for a few minutes.

#5 Plants

It is hard to go wrong with plants in an office, and adding greenery could be an extremely cheap way to really transform a space. Not only do they brighten up a space, but plants are proven to improve people’s moods. Be sure to pot the plants correctly to avoid any issues with soil or water stains on your carpets.

Consider these tips for improving your space if your goal is to keep the budget low and make good at the end of your lease without any problems!

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