5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Office Space in Kansas City

You may have resolved to exercise more or to finally get to some projects around the house this New Year, but have you thought about some resolutions for the office?  Here are a few suggestions for ways to make 2014 a productive New Year in the workplace:

#1 Set Clear Goals

An obvious first step to improving your year is setting goals, but make sure these goals are clear and attainable so they provide motivation and not frustration.

#2 Delegate!

Do not take all the work on yourself, which can be tempting in a small business environment.  Save yourself some stress and achieve a more balanced work lifestyle by passing along tasks to others.

#3 Try Something New

Whether you take a free ecourse or talk to other people in the business for new ideas, stretch yourself to do something new.  You might improve your business skills, or you might just find a new area of interest unrelated to your business, which still adds a healthy element of balance to your life.

#4 Schedule Time for Yourself

Part of achieving healthy balance is knowing when to scale back and take time to reenergize.  Try to make a weekly commitment to do something you enjoy and be as firm in honoring that time as any other business commitments.

#5 Be a Good Community Member

There are plenty of worthy causes out there—find one you are interested in and resolve to volunteer, donate, or even be a leader in an organization.

You spend so much of your time at work—don’t neglect this part of your life as you are considering your New Year’s resolutions!

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