5 Overland Park Office Space Makeover Tips

Anybody who walks into an office space immediately gets an impression.  Some spaces are welcoming and comfortable, while others are musty or cold and stark, demanding a makeover.  Regardless of what kind of office space you have, be it open-plan or a floor full of cubicles, here are a few office decorating principles that can help you create an atmosphere that will be inviting to both employees and clients:

  1. Walls.  Sometimes simply a fresh coat of paint can reenergize an office.  Chose colors that fit with your industry.  If you do not know what colors to choose, light greys or warm beiges are always cozy yet professional.  Consider adding wall decals with sharp, crisp patterns.  There are hundreds of decal patterns available, or you can custom design some.  If your office has cubicles, try ones with glass panels for a more modern look—you can even have your business’s logo etched into the glass.
  2. Lighting.  Neither employees nor clients find traditional fluorescent lights particularly attractive or comforting.  Think about replacing those harsh white lights with warmer shades of LED or energy-efficient fluorescent lighting.  Save even more energy by opening window shades and blinds during the day to allow for natural lighting.  You might also consider using desk and floor lamps instead of overhead lighting for a more relaxed atmosphere.

Check back for more tips on how to improve the atmosphere of your office space with a few simple makeover tips!

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