5 Qualities That Your Office Space in Kansas City Workplace Environment Needs in Order to be Great

Many small business owners decided to start their own businesses because they were tired of working in negative environments, and often successful small businesses create a positive environment for their staff by not recreating those torturous work environments.  Here are some tips for making your own workplace a positive space, as suggested in the article, “How to Make Your Small-Business Workplace Great“:

  1. Build Trust.  This is central to creating a positive work environment.  Think about how you can build credibility, earn respect, and foster fairness.
  2. Friendship.  A major contributor to employee satisfaction is having good friends at work.  In some of the best workplace environments employees report not just having casual friendships, but strong relationships with coworkers.  Create a welcoming environment by instituting a mentor program for new employees to help them get settled.
  3. Pride.  Make your employees feel like what they do makes a difference!  Give them affirming and constructive feedback regularly to let them know that you care about what they do.
  4. Authenticity.  Promote acceptance, which will allow people to be their authentic selves, instead of putting on a “work persona,” which can be draining.
  5. Common Goals.  Be clear about what is expected and most important in your workplace.  Create unity by giving employees a common goal to work towards.

Promoting a happy staff is so instrumental in building a successful business!

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