5 Steps to Turn an Office Space for Lease in Overland Park Kansas into a Co-working Space

5 Steps to Turn an Office Space for Lease in Overland Park Kansas into a Co-working Space

Ready to get out of the home office or stop working in coffee shops, but not sure where to go next? Co-working spaces are the buzz of the entrepreneur world as startups and entrepreneurs begin to realize the value of a creative atmosphere and networking opportunities inherent in a shared space.

But what if there isn’t a co-working space near you that fits your needs? If that is the case, it might be a great opportunity to start your own co-working space in a commercial office space for rent in Overland Park, KS. If you are interested in creating a shared office space for yourself and other like-minded businesses or individuals, here are a few steps to take, as suggested in the article “7 Tips for Creating Your Own Co-Working Space”:

#1 Spread the Word

Before looking for a space, start getting the word out in your local business community that you are thinking of undertaking this project, so you can see if there really is a demand for a co-working space in your area. Since the idea of co-working is so new, you want to make sure that you have an interested group of businesses or individuals before you rind a space, rather than renting one and hoping people will join you.

One way to evaluate interest is to host some events, create a Facebook group or use other means of online advertising and communication. If you only have a small interested group, continue to meet or talk with them—the interest in a co-working space could grow over time and become a possibility later down the line.

#2 Choose Your Location

This is one of the cardinal rules of finding office space for any business. Make sure that you have a space that is convenient and suitable for all parties. If you are looking for a good deal on a space, try to find one that has been on the market for a long time or a building with a lot of openings—you might be able to negotiate a better deal on these kinds of spaces with a landlord.

#3 Style and Function

The co-working space trends tends to revolve around environments that are a little unconventional and conducive to comfort and creativity, but this requires serious consideration of your budget. The space might not be as hip and energetic as Silicon Valley right away, but you can continue to make changes over time.

To start, be realistic about your budget and priorities. For example, high-speed internet and other basic utilities should be at the top of your list. In regards to furniture, consider buying secondhand or even letting occupants bring their own to create a space that is eclectic and comfortable, but cost-effective.

#5 Find Support

This might seem like a financial impossibility for a group of small businesses, but often there is a lot of local help for entrepreneurs and businesses looking for office space for lease in Overland Park, KS. Contact your local chamber of commerce or small business associations and development centers to ask about grants and loans that could help defray the costs of renting a space.

Developing a shared office space can be a challenging and ongoing project, but so potentially rewarding for small businesses or entrepreneurs. The benefit of having the amenities of a larger space but with shared costs can be huge for small businesses, and many find the atmosphere of focused creativity to be much more conducive to work than the silence of home or the distractions of public places. So if you are not sure you can afford commercial real estate in Kansas City, start talking to your business community to see if creating a co-working space is the best option for you!

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