5 Things to Take Note of When Touring an Office Park in Kansas

5 Things to Take Note of When Touring an Office Park in Kansas

Once you have found a potential office park in Kansas to lease for your business, a crucial first step is touring the space. Make sure you go to the tour with a checklist of things that you want to look at, both in the space and in the whole building, and then take notes on each of those things so you can compare the details of different office rental options later. Here are a few things to look for on your tour, as outlined in the article “Things to Consider When Touring Office Buildings”:

#1 Size and Layout of the Space

The first thing to look at in the actual space is if the size and the layout fit the needs of your business. It might even be worth bringing someone to officially measure the space for you so that you know you are getting the same amount of square footage as advertised in the listing. If you require a specific setup for your office, make sure the space can accommodate that, and ask about options to make some design changes to the space if necessary.

#2 Location and Client Appeal

Determining if a location is right for your business involves assessing many factors: is it convenient for your employees and clients? Does it have curb appeal? What is the surrounding neighborhood like? What other tenants lease here, and are they satisfied with their experience? Be sure to ask all of the specific questions about location beyond whether it’s a good address.

#3 Buildout Possibilities

A space might not be move-in ready exactly according to your specifications, but try to assess if it is almost there, and talk with the landlord early on about what improvements you can make to the space, as well as whether or not the landlord will assist in paying for these improvements.

#4 Parking Capacity and Security

Check to see if there is enough parking both for you and your clients. If you are in the heart of a city, is the parking lot close to the building or a few blocks away? What is the security like in the parking lot or garage, both during the day and after hours?

#5 Lighting Sufficiency 

Check to see that there is adequate lighting both in the space and outside of the building if you think employees or clients will be coming and going after dark. Also consider how important it is to your business to have natural lighting, such as windows or skylights, versus standard office lighting.

If you are starting to look at commercial property in Overland Park, KS, make sure that you go into your tours prepared to ask specific questions and record the answers. Having a detailed description of various spaces from your own firsthand observations will make it easier to compare the various office spaces for rent in Overland Park, KS that you are considering.

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