5 Tips for a More Efficient Planning Process of your Kansas City Office Space

5 Tips for a More Efficient Planning Process of your Kansas City Office Space

Productivity and collaboration are key components to any thriving business, and these can be promoted by designing a space that employees feel comfortable in. Making sure that employees are happy with changes in office space will help make the transition from one space to another a lot easier! Even though the space and design layouts of the Facebook and Google offices are impressive, they aren’t exactly effective for everyone’s workspace. So here are a five tips to consider when redesigning your own offices, as suggested in the article “9 Efficiency Tips for Space Planning Your Office”:

  1. Make it your own. Personalization is an key factor for feeling proud of your space. People who design and rework their own work environments feel a sense of ownership of their space. This can increase a sense of attachment and productivity toward work that is developed and executed there.
  1. Consider the amount of space. When designing the amount of space you need for your office you may want to consider how much space is actually essential versus how much space you want. One thing to consider is that storing and filing important materials are very important parts of the workflow, but this needs to be done without sacrificing the natural feel of the office space and the workers’ requirements.
  1. Design then grow. It is important for the office layout that you are considering to be designed with growth in mind. When coming up with each of the different departments of your office space; remember to think of the unique type of work that will be getting done there, as well as what the space will be in the future of the company.
  1. Think technology, be aware of budget. Technology is a great way to create a unique environment for your office. Talk to IT consultants and management about what is needed to get a deeper understanding of what could be used in the future for workers. This may help create a very distinctive atmosphere for your employees. However, be aware of the budget and time constraints – it can be easy to get lost in the conceptual design of an office.
  1. Look for a variety of opinions. The design of the new office space should incorporate other people’s ideas as well. Remembering to ask management and IT is important, but also consider asking employees about potential design ideas. Get everyone involved in the redesign and this will help promote a positive attitude toward the change.

Redesign and change can require a lot of work, but incorporating these tips could change a dispirited space into something everyone is happy with!

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