5 Tips for Designing a Small Office Space in Kansas City

Small businesses tend to have to get creative when designing an office space.  Your office equipment and décor should allow for a combination of functionality and an inviting environment for clients and employees.  Here are a few tips for making the most of a small space, as suggested in the article “Small Office Space Layout Design & Storage Ideas”:

1.Go for Openness. Trying to cram too many cubicles and dividers into a small office space can make the office seem even smaller and more crowded.  Create an open office environment, which will have the added benefit of allowing for collaborative work and encouraging teamwork among your employees.  If you have to create a partitioned area, do it for meetings with clients or private discussions, and try to put this area in the back of your space.

2.Take Measurements. Not taking enough accurate measurements of a space is a simple mistake that many business owners make.  In addition to measuring your space, make sure you measure any piece of furniture or equipment you are considering purchasing to make sure that it will fit in the space that you want to put it.  Try measuring your current furniture and looking through catalogs with measurements listed to get an idea of what will actually fit.

3.Be Thrifty.  A lot of times you can find good furniture for an office at yard sales or thrift shops.  This can also allow you to be a little creative with your furniture—you can bypass the bulky, standard office furniture and try something unique and perhaps even more functional, such as long dining room tables for work stations or pullout desks that can save you some space.

4.Reduce Your Paper Files. “Go green” and cut down on clutter by taking advantage of online data and file storage options, such as DropBox, GoogleDocs, Box.net, and more.  You will save a lot of space with fewer papers to file.

5.Wall Storage. If you cannot fit file cabinets or other storage furniture in your office, look to the walls.  You can add shelves, cubbies and magazine holders to the walls in order to hold things like files, supplies, reference books, and more.  You can also use space under desks for storage containers for additional room.

Get creative with your small office space and create an environment that is unique, inviting, and efficient!

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