5 Tips For Successful Office Rental Space In Overland Park Negotiations

The importance of lease negotiations cannot be understated.  The terms you agree to will shape the finances, operation, and growth of your business.  Here are a few suggestions for how be the best possible negotiator, as suggested in the article “Develop Negotiating Skills”:

  • Don’t be afraid to discuss – remember that negotiations are a normal and healthy business practice, so do not feel like you are overstepping bounds by wanting to discuss further the lease your landlord first gives you.
  • Avoid Greed – It is not about how much you can get, but how you can help your business be healthy and thrive.
  • Collaboration – view negotiations as a chance to work together with the other side to achieve a win-win deal.
  • Practice – as with all things, your negotiating skills will improve with practice.
  • Go for it! – You will miss all of the opportunities you do not pursue, so aim for the best deal possible and see what you come out with.

A combination of boldness and flexibility is the best possible recipe for getting a great lease for your business!

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