5 Tips for Upping Productivity at Your Office Space in Kansas

Sometimes the key to getting more work done is not putting in more hours, but working smarter.  Here are a few tips for making the most of your workday so that you can get more done and still enjoy your personal time, as suggested in the article “5 Ways To Be More Productive”:

1.Turn back the alarm clock. This can be hard to do as the days get shorter and the mornings get darker, but it is one of the easiest ways to get more done.  Try to get up just 30 minutes earlier, then try an hour if you can.  This will add a total of 5 hours to your workweek without requiring you to stay at the office late.  You might use that time simply to check emails, exercise, or get the kids ready for school, but regardless of what you do it will take the frantic edge off of busy days.

2.Block out distractions. In this age of technology, it is so tempting to constantly be checking texts, social media updates, online news stories, and more.  But one step towards higher productivity is making the conscious decision to turn everything off for a little while.  You can schedule small breaks for yourself for these activities if need be, or try noise cancelling headphones to help block out the day-to-day sounds of the office for a while.

3.Have the supplies you need. Make sure that your work area is properly equipped with everything you need to do your work efficiently.  Maybe it is time to restock on pens or paper clips, to get an external hard drive so that your computer isn’t so full, or maybe just untangle all of the cords that seem to knot themselves together under a desk.

4.Make to-do lists. It seems like an obvious tip, but so few people do it, which means that they either forget things all of the time or have remarkable memories. Whether it is on a sticky note or in a planner, try to keep a to-do list for yourself that includes both immediate daily tasks and overall weekly tasks.

5.Give yourself a break. It is important to occasionally take a break in order to sustain focus for a long day of work.  Studies suggest that short and intense work sessions are actually more productive then working at something for a long period of time.  Try to work for 90 minutes straight without any breaks or distractions, then walk away from work completely for a little while—have a snack, a cup of coffee, or even try to get a little workout in if you can.  You’ll come back to your desk fresh and ready to work again.

If you are feeling like you are constantly behind and unfocused, try out a few of these tips for making better use of your time!

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