5 Ways to Boost Employee Morale and Productivity in Your Kansas City Office Space

Making an office space more efficient has the double positive effects of both boosting employee morale and, in turn, also generating greater productivity. By engaging employees and improving general office productivity, you might also see an improvement in operations and profit increases—creating a positive cycle of job satisfaction and a better bottom line for everyone. Here are a few things to try to improve the efficiency and mood of your office space, as outlined in the article “5 Tips to Improve Office Space Efficiency and Productivity”:

#1 Improve Lighting

If at all possible, try to utilize natural light in your office space. Studies have shown that sunshine can improve people’s moods, and lack of sunlight can actually lead to decreased work motivation. Even simply keeping blinds and curtains open—as long as it doesn’t interfere with anyone’s workspace—could help boost mood and make the office cheerier.

#2 Set Boundaries

It is important for small businesses who operate from home to restrict disturbances while concentrating on work, such as putting a “do not disturb” sign on an office door. This approach can also apply to an actual office space, particularly if there are open area work spaces. Headphones can be a sign that someone doesn’t want to be bothered, or certain workstations can be designated for quiet, independent work, whereas others can be for a more collaborative environment.

#3 Work on Organization

Sometimes a cluttered or disorganized space can really drag down productivity. Take some time to do a little cleaning and rearranging as necessary. Buy cheap storage options such as bins or small shelves, create labels  for files and binders to make it easier to find them, and think about ways you can start to go paperless using cloud based software for storage of documents you don’t need regularly. If you have no idea where to start and cannot invest the time in such a project, look into hiring a professional to help your office get organized.

#4 Simplify Your Space

This goes hand in hand with getting organized. Sometimes the solution is to purge unecessary items, not just put them in more boxes. Get rid of things that take up too much space and don’t add a lot of function. Cut down on clutter such as piles of papers. Try to keep the space tidy and create less cleaning work for yourself in the future by keeping to the “less is more” rule.

#5 Add Scents

Air fresheners can really improve a space, and other options are also available, such as dried flowers or scented oils. Fragrances can really improve mood and motivation. Consider scents like vanilla, lemon, lavender, jasmine, rosemary, cinnamon, and peppermint. Another simple and natural way of boosting the office mood is adding plants to a space. Plants can both improve the appearance of an office and are proven have a positive effect on mood.

#6 Improve Meeting Rooms

Employees often spend a ton of time in meetings, so consider ways to make this necessary part of office life more comfortable. Add a water cooler, a coffee pot, or even some of the above mentioned fragrances specifically in a meeting area.

While these tips and practices may all seem to small and simple, sometimes little difficulties such as florescent lighting or a cluttered office can be barriers to productivity. Consider putting into practice some of these suggestions to help improve efficiency, morale, and productivity in your office.

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