6 Things to Look For When Touring Commercial Realty In Kansas City

When searching for commercial office space for lease, it is essential to take a tour of all properties before singing anything so that you know exactly what is included in the space. Be sure to make yourself a checklist of things to investigate before you go to a space so that you can make sure it meets all of your requirements and easily compare it to other spaces. Here are six things to check for when you are looking at a prospective location, as suggested in the article “Commercial Real Estate Corner”:

  1. Safety. A safe environment is a top priority in any kind of space, and a landlord’s concern for safety should be apparent on a tour. Check for locks on both doors and windows, lighting in parking lots in common areas, and cameras or a watch staff for after hours. You can also ask about getting access to any incident records.
  2. Handicap Accommodations. Make sure that the premises are equipped with elevators, wheelchair ramps, wide entry doors, and handicap accessible restrooms in order to sure that all guests and employees feel welcome and comfortable. If these accommodations or not present, keep in mind that adding them could be quite expensive.
  3. Condition of the Space. Check to see if the space is in good physical condition by looking for any signs of structural issues or problems with tenants. Check for unpleasant stains, odors, or cracks. Don’t hesitate to ask the landlord about anything you see before agreeing to sign the lease.
  4. Common Space. Check to make sure that common areas that are not technically in your office space are still well maintained, including restrooms, elevators, lobbies, and hallways, as these spaces will still make an impression on visitors.
  5. Amenities and Services. Find out if there are businesses nearby that could be convenient for your company, such as a bank or an office supply provider, or even places that our employees might like to be near, such as gyms, restaurants, coffee shops, or day care.
  6. Parking Lots. Check to make sure that there is enough parking for both your clients and employees, and make sure you are aware of any parking fees, versus what is included in the lease. If weather is an issue in your location, ask about snow plowing services.

Be sure to include these essential items on your checklist as you tour spaces!

If your business is interested in setting up a tour of an office rental space in Kansas City, give Kathy Woodward at DDI Commercial a call at 913-685-4100.


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