6 Tips for Managing the To-Do List in Your Office Space in Overland Park, KS

Small businesses can be a lot of work and it is easy to get overwhelmed quickly.  Whether you are training employees, keeping an eye on your future, or learning how to do new things, there are never enough hours in the day.  Check out these tips to help you maximize your productivity and keep a little of your sanity, as suggested in the article, “6 Steps to Managing Your Overwhelming Workload“:

  1. Prioritize.  Your to-do list will always be long, and you will almost never get it all done in a day.  Accept this fact, and begin to prioritize the most urgent and important tasks.  Be careful to make sure that what is urgent does not always edge out things that are important to stay on top of in the long term.
  2. Develop Discipline.  The reality of being a small business owner often entails sacrificing pleasure for work.  If your business is something you want to be a priority, be aware that often you cannot choose the things you would like to do over the things you need to do.
  3. Practice Time Management.  Limit the time you spend on certain tasks so that you stay sharp and focused.  Be aware of what tasks make you less productive the more time you spend on them and limit your time on these projects.
  4. Delegate!  Stick to tasks that are in your skill set, and outsource ones that are not.  Do not waste your time tinkering with a computer for several days when you could call in a technician to do the job in a half hour.  Though we are often reluctant to give critical tasks to others, delegating projects and problems that can be dealt with by other capable hands can free you up to do more productive things.
  5. Don’t Be a Perfectionist.  This does not mean accepting mediocrity, but do not slave over projects that will not produce any more value no matter how much time you spend on them.  It is frustrating, a waste of energy, and takes your time away from other tasks that do need more work to produce value.
  6. Figure Out Your Pace.  If you are going to be the primary worker in your small business for several years, you will need to develop a pace that you can sustain for this time.  However, sometimes there will be short periods when you might have to work at 110% to get your business through a critical time.  This can be a successful strategy if you are able to generate some revenue, hire more employees and then delegate so that you can scale back.

Work hard, but also learn to work smart!

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