6 Tips for Renting Commercial Real Estate in Kansas City: Part I

One of the few upsides to this economic rough patch is that the real estate market for small offices is full of good opportunities.  Here are a few tips for small business on how to capitalize on this chance to get a good deal on a small office rental:

  1. Think Small – Landlords who previously were not interested in leasing to smaller tenants now want to diversify and are interested in dividing larger spaces into smaller ones for smaller tenants.  This has increased the number of office spaces small businesses can consider in their searches.
  2. Get the right duration.  Whether you are looking for short term or long term, you have a decent chance of getting the lease length you want.  Previously, landlords could set a lease length at around 5 years, and not have to negotiate, but now tenants have more of an upper hand.  Smaller businesses should stick to one or two year leases, because you do not know how long you will be around, but thriving companies might consider taking the opportunity to get a long term lease.

Knowing a little bit about how the current state of the economy affects the real estate market can help you make informed decisions as you search for commercial realty in Kansas City.

If you think you want to move your business into a commercial space for lease in Kansas City, give us a call at 913-685-4100 and find out about our variety of available spaces for small businesses!


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