6 Ways to Organize Your Kansas Office Space For Rent

6 Ways to Organize Your Kansas Office Space For Rent

Remember that time is money, and looking for those old files you saw three weeks ago in your commercial property in Overland Park, Kansas, will take a lot of time if you aren’t organized. Letting go of that digital and physical clutter can really help your business be more productive, so here are a few tips, as outlined in “Clean It Up! Being Productive at Work Starts with Organization,” to keep your office and computer clean and organized to save you valuable time:

#1 Organize physical paper as soon as you can.

A great way to deal with your physical paper copies is to scan them, file them somewhere on your computer and shred the actual physical copies. This is something you could do for invoices, receipts, letters and just about any desk clutter that is taking up too much room. For more important documents that you don’t want to get rid of or want to keep close by, look towards more common organizational techniques like file boxes and folders. It is best to deal with the physical papers right away so that you can eliminate any paper mountains obscuring desks or shelves.

#2 Create an effective file organization system.

This works for both your physical papers and computer documents. For physical documents, well-organized file drawers and folders work fine, but if you are a more computer savvy business, you may want to look into a cloud-based system where you save and back up files on a joint cloud service.

However, that’s just half the battle. You want to make sure that what you are filing is actually up to date as well in terms of labels and organization so you can access it after you store it. The best way to do this is to make sure to have everything dated and organize everything according to these dates; even if these documents are just edits to a previous ones, save these edits with a new date.

#3 Get rid of those unused files and programs.

Uninstalling or even deleting unused desktop icons as well as purging defunct programs from your computer will create more room and less clutter on your computer. Remember that organization of your computer’s desktop is just as important as your physical desktop. Keeping it clean will make sure that you have things visually organized.

#4 Make a list.

One of the simplest ways to stay organized and manage your tasks is to make a list of things that need to be done that day, week or month, and even in the next year or two. Keeping a list with different goals in mind can help you accomplish things in both the short term and long term. Many professionals say this is the best way to stay organized; the simple pen and paper method helps with understanding what needs to be done. Even though there are several apps out there for this sort of thing, there is something satisfying and tangible about the physical version, so grab yourself a whiteboard and hang it in the office to get your day started.

#5 Clear your desk.

Simple and easy—clean your desk at the end of each day; it will help organize your thoughts and make sure that your next day will be a new start without any leftover work from the day before. Many new businesses require their employees to have their desk clean for the next workday. It helps with general organization for the whole office.

#6 Use new technology to keep yourself organized.

There are thousands of new organizational apps to choose from to manage emails, meetings, etc. These apps and software claim to help organize your files and create daily project lists that will help you through your day. Ask around about what works for friends and co-workers, and experiment with a few different apps until you find what works for you.

Remember to stay organized in your Kansas office space for rent even after you do a major cleanup! Make a habit out of it. Once you have things nicely filed away, put into separate boxes, or stored on a hard drive, remember that the papers will still keep coming. Stay ahead of your organization, figure out what you need to keep, and make sure you have things ready to go before it gets out of control.

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