7 Ways to Bring Summer Fun Into Your Office Space in Kansas

7 Ways to Bring Summer Fun Into Your Office Space in Kansas

It can be hard to be cooped up inside all day during summer, even for working adults who are used to the lack of a summer break. Think about boosting the morale of your employees by making their summer at work a bit more enjoyable. When employees are happier, they tend to be more productive and work better with others—so everybody wins. Here are a few ways to encourage a little summer fun in your office, as suggested in the article “4 Super Summer Fun Tips For Your Business”:

#1 Let people enjoy the fresh air. 

Fresh air makes people feel better and a little more connected to the outdoors, so open a few windows if the weather permits it. You might also improve air quality by adding a few plants, which have been proven to reduce illness and even rid the air of pollutants.

In addition to increasing employee access to fresh air within the office, why not go the extra step and allow employees the opportunity to work outside when the weather is nice? Encourage them to bring laptops and direct them to outdoor areas where they can work productively. A little bit of fresh air will do everyone some good.

#2 Give extended breaks and lunches.

Every now and then, consider allowing your employees the opportunity to spend a little more of their day outside the office to enjoy good weather. They will come back feeling refreshed and recharged—and probably much more likely to overcome the lethargic afternoon doldrums that set in post-lunch.

#3 Throw summer parties.

Contrary to the comic heyday that TV and movies have had with company events, they can actually be really fun for employees and a great way to boost morale. Of course, these need to be carefully planned an executed—otherwise they might end up a little like an episode of The Office. But since people do spend a lot of time at work, they often develop close friendships that are worth nurturing. Company parties are a great way for employees to see both each other and management in a different light. Obviously, summertime events like these are a great way to take advantage of outdoor weather, so consider hosting events like rafting, ballgames, or picnics.

In addition to official company events, employees might enjoy and appreciate the occasional spontaneous gathering during the work day. This does not have to be anything big—just an hour at a park with some frisbees, snacks, and sodas. As long as these events don’t detract too much work time, people might appreciate a short opportunity to relax and enjoy the weather.

#4 Give a little time off.

This seems a bit drastic at first, but it can be beneficial to your business in the long run. Well-rested employees tend to be more creative, happy, and productive. Employees’ moods can affect everyone in the office, so it is beneficial to all to foster a happy atmosphere. Additionally, employees will remember and appreciate this time off for the rest of the year, especially since most people prefer time off in the summer to enjoy the weather or spend time with their kids.

#5 Consult Your Employees

Ask your employees themselves for summer fun suggestions, and then let them vote on what they want to do. This will get more ideas circulating, generate excitement for summer, and allow employees to feel like they have a say in planning things.

Companies like Google and Facebook have demonstrated the benefit of a little fun introduced to an office space. While you don’t need to go out and buy some scooters and ping pong tables, there are plenty of simple ways to introduce a little summer fun into your office and boost everyone’s mood, creativity, and ultimately productivity!

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