7 Ways to Make Over Your Small Office Space for Rent in Overland Park, KS

7 Ways to Make Over Your Small Office Space for Rent in Overland Park, KS

If you and your employees are starting to feel a little down about your small office space for rent in Overland Park, KS, there are so many easy ways to give your office a facelift. Studies have shown that making a space look better can have a positive effect on office morale and show employees that you are concerned about their comfort. Here are a few tips for improving your office space, as suggested in the article “6 Easy Steps to an Extreme Office Makeover”:

  1. Create an Atmosphere of Hospitality. It is important to create a space that is welcoming for employees and demonstrates that you care about their little daily needs. Create a small “hospitality area” in your office by setting up a space with things like a coffee maker, mints, snacks, some first aid supplies and other odds and ends that make life a little more convenient.
  2. Encourage Personalization. Letting people express themselves is a great way to foster creativity. Try allowing employees to decorate their own personal spaces with family photos, posters, knick-knacks, and even letting them play their own music. This creates an atmosphere where people feel more at home and part of the company “family.”
  3. Bring in Some Color. Painting a space with brighter colors can be a cheap and easy way to cheer up a space. There are all sorts of studies demonstrating the positive effects of color on an environment. Consider painting an accent wall with colors that correlate to specific moods. For example, studies have found that blue can encourage calmness and relaxation, whereas red is ideal for tasks that require a more detail oriented focus.
  4. Develop Company Culture. In addition to encouraging employees to create their own personalized spaces, it is important to personalize the whole office to showcase your company’s brand image. One way to do this is by painting your logo around the office, which has the double benefit of increasing brand visibility and brightening up an empty wall.
  5. Add a Little Fun. People appreciate having a place in the office where they can take a moment to unwind and recharge, so think about taking a page out of Silicon Valley’s book and adding something like a foosball table or even just a comfy couch in a break area.
  6. Upgrade Your Chairs. The importance of supportive furniture in the workplace is becoming a bigger and bigger conversation as studies are coming out about the negative effects of too many sedentary hours both in and out of the workplace. You can help combat these negative effects and improve overall office well being and comfort by investing in good office furniture that is supportive for different postures.
  7. Create Zones. In addition to creating a fun break area or a hospitality area for your employees, think about the work they do on a daily basis and how you can design areas to better support that work, for example, rearranging furniture to encourage social interaction in a place for collaboration, or adding some headphones and armchairs in an area for quiet, private work.

Very small changes to your Kansas City office space for rent can go a long way in raising spirits around your office. Even if all you do is change out your chairs or repaint a few walls, your efforts demonstrate your interest in creating a positive work environment for your staff—one that supports their physical, emotional and mental well being. In turn, you might see the benefits of increased creativity, productivity and commitment to your business!

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