7 Ways to Make Your Kansas City Office Space for Rent More Comfortable

An office space for lease in Overland Park, KS, can be like a second home for a working adult, so it is important to consider what kinds of items you need to keep around your Kansas City office space for rent and what strategies you can use to make sure that you and your employees are comfortable throughout the day. Here are a few things you should consider keeping around your office, as well as a few strategies to increase comfort, as suggested in the articles “8 Items You Need on Your Desk” and “4 Tips for Working Comfortably at Your Desk”:

  1. A Good Chair. When you spend so much time sitting at a desk during the day, it is important to have the right chair to best support your back. Take the time to adjust the chair properly to your height. You want to make sure that your feet can touch the ground, and also think about bringing in a cushion for added back comfort. Reducing back pain can help increase focus and creativity, so it is well worth investing in good office chairs.
  2. Healthy Snacks. Keeping healthy snacks handy, whether brought from home or even supplied by an office kitchen, is a great way to make sure you stay satisfied from nutritious food and your focus remains sharp throughout the day. As an employer, consider ways to encourage healthy eating habits in your office, whether through healthy potluck lunches or office snacks, or even though programs and competitions designed to encourage people to set and meet health goals.
  3. Computer Monitors. Just as with chairs, subtle adjustments to computer monitors can also help increase comfort. Monitors should be directly at eye level to prevent the need to bend the neck and shoulders or to look up, both of which can cause pressure and pain. Use a stand or some thick books to adjust your monitor to an ideal height.
  4. Lighting. The best possible office lighting situation is a lot of natural sunlight coming in through windows, but if this is not an option, softer light is the next best arrangement – for example, overhead lamps or desk lamps, both of which are much better than florescent lighting.
  5. Health Supplies. It’s good to have necessities for various health situations around the office, such as a first aid kit with band-aids, pain killers, throat lozenges, eye drops, and whatever else you might want to have on hand. Other daily health staples include tissues and hand sanitizer to prevent and manage sickness, especially during winter.
  6. Drinking Water. Staying hydrated is so important to general health and energy levels. Having a water bottle on your desk is a great way to constantly remind yourself to be drinking water. Employers could also consider good water bottles as a giveaway item at an office picnic or team-building session to promote good hydration in the office.
  7. Headphones. Having headphones handy can be a great way for office workers to block out office noise and focus on work for a while. Plus, good music is a great pick-me-up to get through a post-lunch slump!

It’s important for both employers and employees to promote and practice good office habits that are geared towards well-being. Healthy, happy employees are much more likely to be productive than ones who are dehydrated, blinded by florescent lights, and hunched over their computers for eight hours a day,

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